Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids are available in several styles ranging from the smallest to the largest. These include

  • Behind-the-Ear Styles – Mini BTE with slim tube and tip,
  • Receiver in the ear (RITE), 

Hearing aids could also be digital, digitally programmable or analog depending on the circuitry inside. Digital hearing aids offer the most flexible amplification with significantly better hearing in noise as compared to the other two due to the availability of signal enhancement technology.

Hearing Aid Dispensing
Hearing aid dispensing usually begins with a diagnostic assessment to ensure candidacy for amplification. This is followed by a one-to-one session with the client to understand his lifestyle, work and interests to determine his listening needs throughout the day. Based on this the audiologist would be able to make recommendations about the kind of device that would best suit him. The client would also be informed about the features of the classes of aids, costs involved etc. Following this the actual hearing aid trial would be carried out on the client using functional and insertion gain measures. The client is prescribed the hearing aid only when he is completely satisfied with its performance, sometimes after a couple of sessions. Since Octave is an independent, private audiology clinic, we have the choice of providing products from different manufacturers to appropriately meet your hearing health needs.

Hearing Aid Costs

Costs of hearing aids offered at the Center vary greatly depending upon the style of the instrument and the technology of the circuitry inside (analog, programmable, digital, etc.). We provide a complete range of conventional, programmable and 100% digital hearing instruments and are committed to providing reliable and consistent after-sales services and follow-up services. Please contact us if you need more information; visit our links section for information about websites of some of the manufacturers we represent – Phonak, Starkey and GN Resound. 

Hearing Aid Services also include

  • Sale of hearing aid batteries,
  • Sale of FM and assistive listening devices, 
  • Hearing aid repairs for all makes, 
  • Musician’s and swimmer’s earplugs, 
  • Reprogramming for most programmable and digital instruments, 
  • Aural rehabilitation and counseling.
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Following evidence based practices in hearing aid dispensing
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