Audiologists at Octave provide a range of diagnostic audiological evaluations and management, for adults, children and infants:


  • Comprehensive diagnostic audiometric evaluations, consisting of pure tone air and bone conduction testing ; speech reception and word recognition testing.
  • Special tests, tests including loudness balance procedures, tone decay tests and speech-in-noise tests.
  • Pediatric audiologic testing,testing (evaluation of children of all ages )including any or all of the following special procedures :- conditioned play audiometry(under headphones / sound field), Auditory evoked potentials, otoacoustic emissions, Imittance measures.
  • Middle ear analysis, consisting of tympanometry and stapedial acoustic reflex testing. Reflex decay tests and Eustachian tube function testing may be done if indicated.
  • Otoacoustic emission (transient and distortion-based techniques to investigate cochlear function).
  • Auditory evoked measures (auditory brainstem, middle and late latency responses).
  • Central auditory processing testing (test batteries designed to assess auditory processing abilities of children 7 years of age and older).
  • Tinnitus assessment Professional hearing screenings for: Newborns and infants , toddlers, Preschoolers, School-age children and adolescents, industrial hearing screening
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